Lost Places by Sven Fennema

Photographer`s biography:
– 1981 born in Xanten, Germany, today living near Düsseldorf
– 2007 passionate start into photography, since 2009 working self employed
– numerous national und international publications & exhibitions (Books & Magazines, Cover, Events)
– 2010 Photo Book on german market “Anderswelten – Ästhetik des Untergangs” (First edition sold out)

“Reality is a matter of view“, Fennema even knew that before his start into photography in 2007, motivated due his experience and interest in digital artwork he began to work with artistic photography. He learned about the technique of photography and improved his post processing knowledge. All his skills are self-taught and on professional level. This way gave him the chance to develop and improve a free and personal style. Today’s result is atmospheric photo art which submits to his own, self created rules.

Starting with the search for the right motif Fennema transcends natural boundaries. On his photographic trips he travels across Europe where he finds unique treasures to photograph. The focus of his art are „Lost Places“ – Deserted places and buildings, stripped of their functions. Whether if it’s a hidden fairytale castle, rust-eaten industrial sites or former mental hospitals – Fennema tells their stories, good as well as bad ones. He captures the ailing motifs in a touching world, somewhere between the past and today in vibrant and living pictures.

The artistic play with modern architecture also belongs to his focus. The geometry of the buildings, their shapes and lines he uses as a kind of tool. The resulting work is focused on excerpts of them – revealing new perspectives – snatched from their wholeness.

Each of his pictures is the result of the confrontation and connection with a place, it’s atmosphere and it’s history. From this impact Fennema shapes his concept of an image – Long before he places his camera and plans all the following steps according to his imagination. Special and unexpected compositions, full of atmosphere, the absence of artificial light and resulting natural atmospheric lighting effects characterize his work.

Website: http://www.sven-fennema.de/


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