Amazing Body Art by Michael Rosner

Michael Rosner is an American artist born in Chicago, Illinois. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia in 1996 he relocated to Sacramento, California and worked as a painter, sculptor and carpenter before beginning the series of body paintings in 2006. Eye Level Studio, founded by Rosner in 2001, is what he calls a ‘collective of talented artists’ that has become a network for creative projects. Rosner was recently profiled in September 2009 issue of Sacramento Magazine and in 2001, Airbrush Action magazine declared him, “One of the best up and coming artists.” and said he is “…one to watch.” Rosner continues to produce art from his studio in Sacramento, California.

You can visit his studio profile:

Ash-Gupta-headpiece-Miss-G-Designs-body-paint-Michael-Rosner-Eye-Level-Studio awesome-body-painting-by-michael-rosner-08 body-painting_metropolis_eye-level-studio - michael_rosner d0b73480c3329b9ffeb25c0c239f1a35 e8b9fcdf336e29184b0bbb4335bdfd9c2


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